How to filter tags and find your clips

Go to Highlights Select the team you want   Choose the matches whose clips you wish to see   Select tags   Click on the tags you wish to see   To finish the process click on “Filter”   The list is now available for you to select the clips […]

How to create filters for VO Elite’s Highlights

Go to Highlights   Select the team you want     Select the match(es) you want   Now click on players   Select the players you want or click on “All”   Click on “Actions”   Select the actions you want or click the button “All” to select all the […]

Features on the Analysis Screen

Open Video   The video display is in the center   The field is used to tag the individual actions during the analysis   The teams need to be in the correct order of attack   Remember to change the direction of attack before the beginning of the second half […]

How to use Leawo to convert videos for Mac

Open Leawo and drag the video to the box   Go to “MP4 Video” and click “Change”   Go to Video Codec and select “H.264” and click on “OK”   To finish just click on Convert   Select the destination folder and click on “Convert” to start the conversion   […]

How to install VO Elite for Mac

Put your mouse over your profile name and select Downloads   Select the button “Download for MAC” to download the software   Now click on the installer downloaded   Go to the downloads and select the downloaded file   Go to the desktop and click on the new folder   […]

How to install VO Elite for Windows

Put your mouse over your profile name and select Downloads   Select the button “Windows” to download the software   Click on “Run” to start the process       To allow the software to be installed make sure you click on “Yes” to give permition to the installation   […]

How to proceed if your Mac is blocking VO Elite instalation

If you’re facing a block from the iOS to install the software due to security, go to “Setting preferences”     Select “Security & privacy”   Now select “Anywhere” in the option “Allow apps downloaded from”   Now enter your password and you’re ready to install the software  

How to import data from Sportscode

Go to matches   Select the match you want   Select Import   Select the team   Choose the program version – Sports Code     Click on “Select file” and select the file you want to import     After associate the players with Videobserver’s click on “Next”   […]