How to create and edit a playlist – online Highlights

Go to Playlist



Click on “New Playlist +”


Filter the data you want to see – actions


Filter the data you want to see – players


Filter the data you want to see – matches


Click on the play button to preview the clip


Click on the “+” button to add the clip to the playlist


Click on the clip to edit it


Select the pencil button to open the edition of the clip


To draw, select the tool you want and draw over the frame you’ve choosen


To add comments, click on subtitles


Add the comments and activate the button “Comment”


To change the time of the clip, click on “Edit time”


Move the bars on the timeline to edit the time of the clip


To save the changes, click on “Save”


Add a separator to the playlist with short videos or pictures, by clicking on the “+” inbetween the clips


Select the file you’ve uploaded or an existing one and click on the “+”


The video/image is now added to the playlist

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